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Casino Eatz is a mobile food & beverage ordering platform for casinos. The Casino Eatz App allows the customer while playing to order from any restaurant or bar within the casino and have it delivered to their location.
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Why CasinoEatz

Do more business

Eliminates time searching for waiter/waitress. Provides a faster service and less waiting time. Detailed menus for easier and more accurate ordering. Allows the customer to privately order without disrupting their playing time or other players around them. Also allows a private and secure way of paying through their phone or tablet eliminating the need for cash. Increased revenue..

How It Works

Based on your location when you open the Casino Eatz App it will take you to a food and beverage screen of that casino. Once you have selected it will display restaurants and bars within that casino. You then choose your desired restaurant or bar and scroll through detailed menus of your choice. You will pick your items and add to cart. Once in the checkout you will have the option of delivery or pickup. If delivery you will give area of casino you are in and it will be delivered to you. Example... Poker Table# Seat# Table Games Table# Seat# Slots Slot machine# You will pay directly from your phone or tablet eliminating the need for cash..


Detailed menus

Your detailed menus will be available to customers via our Casino Eatz app. This feature will increase sales while lowering marketing costs and improving customer service. Customers will enjoy your products in a prompt and efficient manner.


Elliminate the time

Casino Eatz will eliminate the time your servers spend looking for potential customers.






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Promotional Benefit

We promote your restaurants and bars as well as your entire casino through CasinoEatz APP, website and other various channels.

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